Breaking Barriers to Specialty Healthcare

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Medina Community Clinic has been relentlessly working to facilitate care for uninsured individuals since 2015. Till date, we have enrolled over 1200 patients into our program, and provided countless specialty services, including -- colonoscopies, plastic surgeries, allergy tests, dental crowns, mental health counseling, sleep study tests and much more.

Your continued support will allow Medina Community Clinic to serve more patients, save more lives, and provide relief to hundreds of families across New Jersey.

Your Money In Action:

$10 = Lab Fees

$20 = Round Trip Transportation Fees

$40 = Flu Vaccine

$80 = Personalized Prescription Eyeglasses

$120 = Specialist Follow-Up Visit

$200 = Initial Specialist Visit

$500 = Comprehensive Care Package for 1 Patient (Initial Visit, 2 Follow-Up Visits, Lab Fees, Transportation)

$1000 = Colonoscopy

$1500 = Dental Crown

$2500 = CPAP Machine